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Escorted Tours of Madagascar

Madagascar Escorted Tours

A biodiversity hotspot with a range of species found nowhere else on the planet, Madagascar is truly a unique place to visit. Avenues of Baobabs teeming with lemurs, golden sandy beaches washed by the Indian Ocean, dense rainforest and culture influenced by Africa, the Indian Ocean and beyond make Madagascar a fascinating mix which is well worth discovering.

From its bustling capital, Antananarivo, to island hopping past marine reserves and coral reefs, come on one of our Madagascar tours and discover your inner naturalist today.

Madagascan Adventure

Madagascan Adventure

  • Tour the Madagascan capital, Antananarivo
  • Take in lemurs, chameleons and butterflies on a nature walk in Amber National Park
  • Unwind upon the beaches of the Emerald Sea
  • Visit the Millot cocoa plantation
  • A day of island-hopping, visiting Nosy Kamba and the marine reserve of Nosy Tanikely
  • and more...

Madagascar Tours - Essential Information

When you visit Madagascar, these are the facts and useful information you need to know…

Flight Time to Madagascar
Flight Time

19 hours

Vise Required for Madagascar
Visa required?


Population of Madagascar

25.61 million

Capital city of Madagascar
Capital City


Currency of Madagascar

Malagasy Ariary

Madagascar Time Difference
Local Time

GMT + 2 hours

Spoken Language of Madagascar
Spoken Language